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The 2024 Southeast Cybersecurity Summit is for all industry, academic, and government Cyber Security professionals. The Summit will cover topics from technical training, to compliance, to organizational strategy, to career advancement.

Summit Key Takeaways: 

  • Thought leadership & strategic insights from cybersecurity experts
  • Open discussions about the challenges faced by cyber security professionals like you
  • Practical, real-world insights from the frontlines with actionable takeaways
  • Learn best practices for remote work cybersecurity, including secure remote access and network segmentation
  • Automation is key - discuss ideas on how to automate as many workflows as possible, like incident remediation, notifications, and business workflows

Exhibit Hall features:

  • Demos from cutting-edge security vendors
  • Dedicated time to network & learn from like-minded cyber security professionals facing similar threats 
  • *New for 2024* Raffle Drawing - Visit exhibitors for a chance to win a prize at the conclusion of the Summit

Session Tracks: 

  • Technical Excellence: This track is tailored for cybersecurity practitioners, experts, and enthusiasts who want to delve deep into the technical aspects of the field. These sessions will provide attendees with practical knowledge and skills to tackle real-world cybersecurity challenges.
  • Compliance & Governance Insights: This track is designed for professionals involved in compliance, audit, and risk management within the cybersecurity realm. Sessions in this track will explore regulatory compliance, data protection, audit frameworks, and best practices for ensuring that organizations meet legal and industry standards while safeguarding sensitive data.
  • Career Advancement & Skill Development: This track is for anyone looking to advance their careers in cybersecurity. It includes sessions on career development, certifications, soft skills, mentorship, and networking opportunities. 
  • Executive Cybersecurity Strategy: This track is tailored for senior executives, decision-makers, and leaders responsible for cybersecurity strategies within their organizations. It will focus on high-level discussions surrounding cybersecurity policies, risk management, budgeting, and strategic planning. 


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Summit Details

April 10-11, 2024
Birmingham, AL
Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex

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